Hungry BBQ is your quality one stop for all your BBQ needs.

Our mission is to provide hassle free, premium BBQ food selection at everyday prices.

We understand how much a hassle organizing a BBQ can be when your days are filled with work, family and other important stuff. There is simply no time for multiple trips to the supermarket, hours marinating food and more trips to the supermarket when you forget to buy something important. Worse if the chicken wings recipe from your aunt didn’t work out as planned… Hungry BBQ exist to make your BBQ experience easier and hassle free so you can enjoy the gathering and quality food without worries.

Our marinades, recipes and what we do are the result of a bunch of guys who love to BBQ but gets frustrated with the lack of conveniently available quality marinated BBQ food done “right” at the “right price”. We prepare a lot of our food fresh to order as we believe some foods simply should not be frozen, even if it is most convenient for us to do so. Each individual menu item is carefully sourced and marinated with quality ingredients. When we can’t find a good source for our favorite items, we find a way to make them ourselves. Prime example will be our range of delicious satays, made in small batches, to maintain best quality and spectrum of flavors from fresh ground spices and herbs.  

What we don’t do!

We don’t compromise on our quality and ingredients to be the “cheapest caterer”. The race to the bottom (pricing) almost certainly involve cutting corners, lack of pride and passion in preparation and, using lowest grade or inferior ingredients.  This is counter to our core beliefs, as such we refuse to participate in such business practices.

We don’t settle for second best when sourcing for ingredients. Whenever reasonably possible we procure sustainable and fair trade ingredients.

We don’t do “business as usual” when we can constantly innovate and create ridiculously good BBQ at reasonable prices for everyone.

Our Culture

Build a business that can make a difference for the society. We strive to solve problems and not create them. We strive to serve food that we love to eat. We strive to make it easy for friends and family to get together without the hassle of preparing the food. We strive to be able to give back and help the community.

Treat people the way we like to be treated.  We passionately prepare and serve food as we would serve to our family. Our employees, community, and customers are our stakeholders and are considered in every decision we make.

Build an environment where our employees can do good, do well and do right. We try to ensure we have a fair working environment and happy employees who are taken care of so they will take care of our customers.

Serving the community and doing our part is a building block for our company. We are part of the social fabric and we do not shy away from playing our part in the society. Monthly donations to hospitals and children charities, food sponsorships for charity events and BBQs for old folks home, we gladly play our part. If you have a charity that needs help in our area of expertise, get in touch with us and we will try to work something out for you if it is within our means.

Go Green – as much as we can we try to advocate the use of bio-degradable disposables and packaging.