What is HungryBBQ and what do you do?

How do we place our orders for the yummy BBQ items..?

How many days in advance do I need to make my orders?

I would like to amend my order, how do I do it?

What is the last day that I can cancel my order? What is your cancellation policy?

Can I cancel my orders if it rains?

Can I keep the food for next day to BBQ?

Do you guys provide delivery service?

Is there a minimum amount to order for delivery service?

What is your delivery schedule/timing?

Can I change my delivery location on the day of delivery?

Where is your self pickup location?

What is the difference between Standard delivery and Specific Time delivery?

What if I am unable to be at delivery location when driver makes the delivery?

How do I arrange to pick up my BBQ items from the delivery van?

Can I order order loose items or loose number of Satay?

Is your cooked food delivered warm?

After the event will you come back to collect anything?

Do you provide food warmers for cooked food or BBQ food?

Do you provide rental of tables and chairs?

Do you provide BBQ pits for rental?

There are some items that we don't or cannot eat. Can I change items in your package?

Can I request to customize packages for my party?

How much food do I need to order for my party?

Can you provide BBQ assistants to BBQ for my party?

What are the BBQ assistant duties?

Can I cancel the BBQ assistant if it rains or I cancel my party?

What are the modes of payment available to me?

What kind of packages do you have?