Accessories Add-on for 10-20pax

Accessories Add-on for 10-20pax

1 x Wire Mesh M (45 x 60cm) 1pc
1 x Fire Starter 8pcs / 1pkt
2 x BBQ Tong 14
1 x BBQ Brush 1pc
1 x Napkins (100Pcs)
5 x Aluminium Tray Small (A4) 1pc
1 x Trash Bag (Bio-degradable) (34
1 x Foam Box (48L x 36W x 33H) (1pc)
1 x BBQ Fan 1pc
1 x Bio-degradable Plates (25pcs)
1 x Bio-degradable Forks (25Pcs)
1 x Bio-degradable Spoons (25pcs)
1 x Bio-degradable Cups (20Pcs)
1 x Bio-degradable Bagasse Bowls 10pcs
1 x Scissors
1 x Disposable Lighter 1nos
1 x Cloth Gloves For BBQ 1pair
1 x Charcoal (4kg)
1 x Butter 250g
1 x Zappy All Natural Biodegradable Food Contact Wipes 50 Sheets

$ 53.20
$ 57.99 with GST



All the accessories and disposables you will need for a BBQ event in a handy package


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