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[Call for availability] BBQ Wingman Cooking Service (1 Slot)

$ 150.00
$ 163.50 with GST



*IMPORTANT* BBQ WINGMAN SUBJECTED TO FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS - Please check with our team for availability.
** Extra Cook transport charges of $40 apply to Neo Tiew, Tuas, Lim Chu Kang, and $25 for Sentosa and NSRCC **
**Extra cook charges also applies to all events before 9am and after 9pm**

If you don't enjoy slaving over an open flame, why not get one of our friendly BBQ Cooks aka Wing Men, to help! Let them do everything while you figure out the next yummy morsel that goes into your mouth. Book your cook early to avoid disappointment. Cooking service is Strictly on "First Come First Serve Basis".

FULL Payment on the order is required for all orders with BBQ cooking service. Please note that BBQ cook service will be for completion of cooking catered BBQ food OR 3 hours, which ever comes first.

Cooks will not be able to "hold" or "stop" cooking to wait for your party. Cook time start on arrival. Book the right number of cooks according to the size of your group and amount of food.

As it is an onsite engagement, It is the client's role to provide a safe working environment for our BBQ staff. Please do not risk the Wingman safety regardless of the situation. Please have your wet weather plans in place so the staff does not BBQ in the rain.

One cook with a large enough pit will normally be able to cook for 30-35pax. Do let us know if you are not sure how many cooks are needed our staff will advise accordingly. Please note the following on BBQ cooks:

1) A minimum order of $400 of RAW food (b4 GST) or 25 person classic package & above is required to engaged cooking services. This is such that there is enough work for the cooks. Orders with cooking services are to be paid in advance via credit card or bank transfer.

2) Our cooks will strictly NOT cook food from any other caterer or any food not catered from us due to regulations.

3) Cooks are there to assist in cooking not as waiters or servers. They are not event coordinators and will take no part in managing the party. Please let the cooks do their job as they are trained to do. We are not liable for cooking result if customer interfere with cooking.

4) It is the organizer's responsibility to provide ALL necessary tools and equipment for the cooks ie Butter, Brush, BBQ tongs, ample firestarter, lighter, ample charcoal and BBQ pit. If there is a delay in cooking commencement due to organizers' failure to provide the right tools and equipment, the cooks are not obliged to make up for the lost time. It is compulsory to purchase at least 1 BBQ tong for any cook engagement.

5) Minimum 2 cooks and 2 BBQ pits are REQUIRED for 50 person and above packages or ala carte food value above $700. ( Please check with our staff regarding the right number of cooks for your order)

6) Cooks do not cook raw otah due to extreme inefficiency of cooking otahs on regular BBQ pits. If you hire a cook pls ensure that cooked otah is selected instead of raw. Cooks also do not handle marshmallows as it requires directly handling the marshmallows (hygiene) and efficiency as only 2 sticks of marshmallow can be toasted by the cook at any one time.

Cook cancellation is 4 days in advance. Full amount will be charged if less than 96hours notice.


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