Student Package

15 Person Student Package

$ 140.80 / Package
$ 150.66 with GST

Hot Cooked Food

1 x Fried Fish Balls (20pcs)
2 x Fried Beehoon A4 tray (10pax)

Drinks & Dessert

1 x Ice 2.5kg
1 x Can Drink (24 Cans) 饮料(24罐)


2 x Buttered Sweet Corn Cob (5pcs) 牛油玉米(5段)
1 x Japanese Sweet Potato in Foil (5pcs)

Satays, Sausages & Small Goods

2 x Chicken Frank (10pcs/pkt) 鸡肉香肠
2 x Cheese Frank (6pcs) 芝士香肠(6条)
1 x Garlic Bread (1 roll/10pcs)
1 x Crabstick (16pcs) 蟹肉棒

Ready To Cook Marinated Meat & Poultry

1 x Chicken Mid-Wings & Drumlets Signature Marinade (1.5 kg/abt 30 pcs)
1 x Chicken Mid-Wings & Drumlets Signature Marinade (15 pcs)
1 x Chicken Fillet Southern BBQ (500g/5-8 pcs)

Raw/Unmarinated Meat,Poultry and Eggs

1 x Raw Chicken Satay with Sauce (50 sticks)
1 x Cooked Spicy Otah (20 sticks)

Ready To Cook Marinated Seafood

1 x Sambal Fish Fillet in Foil (500g)
1 x Sambal Squid (Sotong) in Foil (500g)

Accessories, Condiments & Disposables

1 x Wire Mesh M (45 x 60cm) (1pc)
1 x Fire Starter (8pcs/1pkt)
2 x Aluminium Tray Small (A4) (1pc)
1 x BBQ Brush (1pc)
2 x BBQ Tong 14" (1pc)
1 x Napkins (100pcs)
1 x Paper Plates (50pcs)
1 x Plastic Forks (50pcs)
1 x Plastic Spoons (50pcs)
1 x Charcoal (4kg)
1 x Marshmallow (1 ptk)
1 x Foam Box (48L x 36W x 33H) (1pc)

Coming Soon.

1 x Butter (250g)

Specially priced student package with all time favorites.

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