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Traditional Hand-made Raw Chunky Mutton Satay(24g) With Satay Sauce (30 sticks x 24g)

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Traditional Hand-made Raw Chunky Lamb Satay(24g) With Satay Sauce (30 sticks x 24g):

Why used lamb instead of mutton? Most traditional satays stalls used mutton meat to do their satays but in Hungrybbq, we preferred lamb over mutton as lamb meat is often more tender and moist which is good for grilling and most importantly, the lamb flavor tends to be milder with a faint, grassy flavor compared to mutton. Together with our satay marination, when cooked, the meat is tender, juicy, and very flavorful. This wonderful traditional BBQ favorite is a must-have at your BBQ!

Don't settle for factory line produced small satay. Our handcrafted 24g satay is the perfect size to enjoy this traditional classic.


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